Barber S-2 100 Ton Roller Bearing (ACL)


Barber S-2 100 ton truck, with roller bearings, as used by ACL and SCL with axle retainers below the bearings.  HO scale.

These trucks were used on many different ACL and SCL 100 ton cars. Examples include ACL PS-2 2929, 3815, 3846, and 4005 covered hoppers; ACL Thrall 4000 covered hoppers; ACL Magor 4750 covered hoppers (Exactrail); SCL PS-2 4000, 4740 (Tangent), and 4750 (241300-241599 only, Tangent) covered hoppers; ACL bulkhead flatcars 78525-78599; SCL 60′ boxcars built through 1973 (excludes cars purchased by ACL/SAL); and SCL woodchip hoppers 195000-196174 (Walthers model covers 195600 onward.)

Package contents: (1) pair of ready-to-run trucks with semi-scale (code 88) nickel silver wheelsets and brake detail.

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