Factory Second Trucks


3D printing can be a fickle process. Sometimes trucks come out with small defects that don’t affect their operation, but do impact the looks. These are generally lines across the surface- not the layers you might think of, but something more akin to a scribed line.

With a bit of extra prep work, these could clean up into perfectly usable trucks. They are structurally sound and roll fine. Some are painted, some are not. All styles may be available: please indicate in the comments if you have a preference, and we will try to provide those (but may have to substitute another depending what’s on hand.)

Wheelsets with approximately 1.005″ axle length will work in these. 50 ton trucks, caboose trucks, and XL-70s accept Kadee 441 brake pads. All others accept Kadee 442.

Price is per pair.

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