Trucks – No Wheelsets


This product allows you to purchase HO trucks without wheelsets so that you may install your own. Simply choose the truck design you’d like below and which finish you’d prefer. Prices are per pair. Optional add-on parts such as clasp brake beams are included for trucks that have them.

Please note that these are made-to-order and it may take a week or two until they are ready to ship.

Trucks accept wheelsets with approximately 1.005″ axle lengths, such as Tangent, Intermountain, or Moloco. 100 ton trucks require 36″ wheelsets; all others use 33″.

Kadee brake pads are not included with these parts. All 50 ton trucks and XL-70s accept Kadee #441. All other 70, 90, and 100 ton trucks accept Kadee #442.

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