Chrysler FR-5 50 Ton Plain Bearing


Chrysler FR-5 design 50-ton plain bearing truck.  These are the ones you need for those Atlas/Branchline RBLs with the horizontal rivet strips! HO scale.

These trucks seem to show up in all sorts of places! Uses include (but are certainly not limited to) many GAEX 50′ boxcars (and their secondhand owners), many GARX 40/50′ RBLs (and their secondhand owners), ATSF FE-24 express boxcar 4197, CBQ XML-1 boxcars 23000-23099*, CO 40′ gondolas 36975-36999, DLW express boxcar 10039 (and two sisters), NYC 737-B Pacemaker 40′ boxcars 174000-174899 (125 cars in series), PFE R-40-10s 901-925, PRR Merchandise Service X41Bs 118741-118765, USNX 50′ boxcars 8000-8879 [DODX 28000-28879], and WP 40′ PS-1s 20801-20820 [19501-19520].

Package contents: (1) pair of ready-to-run trucks with semi-scale (code 88) nickel silver wheelsets and brake detail.

*In the BN era, many of these trucks were converted to function as a normal three-piece truck, losing their snubbers in the process.  See the photo of them installed on the CBQ car.  These are available by special order, send us a message!

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