Scullin L-V 50 Ton Plain Bearing


Scullin L-V 50-ton plain bearing truck.  This truck was an attempt to provide lateral as well as vertical motion to the car’s suspension (hence L-V= lateral-vertical.)  HO scale.

Some examples of cars that used these trucks were CO triple hoppers 96000-97999 (not all cars in series), 99000-99499 (not all cars in series), 101500-101999, & 108000-108499; CO 40′ gondolas 36450-36649; CO 52′ gondolas 38500-38599; FHIX (FGE) 40′ reefers 900-999; FGEX 40′ reefers 39200-39299 & 39300-39499; GN 50′ combo door boxcars 17300-17999 (not all cars in series);  GN GS gondolas 74500-74999 (not all cars in series); NH 17200-series flats converted to TOFC service;  NW dynamometer car 514780; NKP boxcars 7010 & 7042; TNO G-50-21 war emergency gondolas 46300-46549, PFE R-40-23s 7001-7150 & 47703-48202 (unconfirmed!); PFE R-40-24s 66020-66029; and TNO G-50-24 war emergency gondolas 48000-48499. This list will expand as research continues.

Package contents: (1) pair of ready-to-run trucks with semi-scale (code 88) nickel silver wheelsets and brake detail.

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